floor 5
number M226
number of rooms 1
flats area 30,70 m2
balcony's/garden's area 3,61 m2
windows position East
gross price for 1 m2 11 554,00 zł/m2
gross price 354 683,38 zł/m2

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Flat no M7
Floor: 5
Number of rooms: 1
Area: 30,86m2
gross price 1m2: 10 900
Flat no M22
Floor: 5
Number of rooms: 1
Area: 40,05m2
gross price 1m2: 10 026
Flat no M77
Floor: 5
Number of rooms: 1
Area: 42,81m2
gross price 1m2: 8 300

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